Neythal: Fisher-folk take a stand against eviction

What is this project and how does it help?

Over 25 years, through Neythal and other local charities, Jesu, her late husband and a small group of dedicated community leaders have rallied together illiterate fishing folk to take a stand for their rights. Retired environmental and legal experts and government officials have joined the cause, education and publicity campaigns have been run, demonstrations and protests held, submissions made and people thrown into jail. But the fisher-folk are standing firm and making gains. Vast new developments seeking to evict fisher-folk and destroy their livelihoods are being forced to re-think and respect the locals and the law.

How can you partner with and help this project?

Reach out and show Gandimathi and Jesu that you care. New Zealand based Global Equity Brokers will help you bring your international connections, Western expertise and sense of justice to bear on the issues they face. Your gift of an hour or two will be immeasurable support as Gandimathi and Jesu lead this band of dispossessed fisher-folk to uphold their rights to land and livelihood. You will be inspired by their tenacity, grit and determination. This is a true David and Goliath battle and you get to join in.

Invest locally – where you live or work – or overseas. Global Equity Brokers bridges the language and cultural barriers and distance, applying your high-value gifts of time, expertise and resources directly where they are most needed. In this way, and by promoting a two-way learning exchange, Global Equity Brokers delivers meaningful outcomes and high returns on every hour and dollar invested. Global Equity Brokers matches your high-value gifts to selected local groups, such as Neythal, which already have a wide impact and a successful track record. Global Equity Brokers also offers opportunities for companies or individuals to invest on-site.

Specific resources needed:

Training, support, guidance and mentoring is needed in the following areas. Global Equity Brokers understands the needs of Western business people and will tailor opportunities to suit your desire and ability to give, whether it’s one or two hours or several days or weeks:

Policy analysis, international relationship management

Research studies, feasibility assessments and development of project proposals

Social and environmental impact assessments – for example on the cumulative effects of thermal power plants on coastal ecology and the rights of coastal communities

Social assessment of resettlement policies and programmes following the tsunami

School education programmes for sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and greening of the school environment

Communication, public relations and website development, including development of educational/documentary films using existing digitised video footage

Developing funding proposals, approaching donors, philanthropists, businesses and individuals.