Share and Care Nepal: Gentle revolutions for simple village life in remote Nepal

What is this project and how does it help?

Share and Care Nepal is gently revolutionising the lives of remote villagers. Sharing basic knowledge on hygiene, health and human rights is empowering women to come out of their homes, work together and save one rupee a week to fund their own micro-enterprise development schemes. There is a growing respect for women, in communities awed by their financial success. Families and villages pull together with confidence, building greater resilience, financial security and a brighter future.

How can you partner with and help this project?

Support Ramesh and his team to gently revolutionise impoverished village folk. New Zealand based Global Equity Brokers understands the needs of Western business people and will tailor opportunities to suit your desire and ability to give, whether its one or two hours or several days or weeks.

Document and report on this successful rural community empowerment model. Use your skills to help Nepal’s success be copied around the world, published in international journals and marketed to potential private/corporate supporters/funders.Global Equity Brokers will help you bring your strategic thinking to review operations and identify opportunities for innovation, learning and improvements in skills and practice. Marketing, communication and public relations skills are also needed.

Invest locally – where you live or work – or overseas. Global Equity Brokers bridges the language and cultural barriers and distance, applying your high-value gifts of time, expertise and resources directly where they are most needed. In this way, and by promoting a two-way learning exchange, Global Equity Brokers delivers meaningful outcomes and high returns on every hour and dollar invested. Global Equity Brokers matches your high-value gifts to selected local groups, such as Share and Care, which already have a wide impact and a successful track record. Global Equity Brokers also offers opportunities for companies or individuals to invest on-site.