December 2015 Newsletter

'We've got to do something!' - Microsoft staff

Rayleen, Doug, Mandy, Bremen and Sanjay did something inspiring. They started by saying, quite simply, ‘the world is not right – and we've got to do something about it’. With involvement from their friends, family and colleagues, that became a brand new computer laboratory for 42,000 village folk in remote Nepal. Sure, it helps that they work for Microsoft, but it was their willingness to ‘just do something’ that made it happen. And, as Sanjay said, ‘it’s actually for your own happiness … [it] was very fulfilling for me personally. See our video.

 Nepal computersMicrosoft staff



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November 2015 Newsletter

Caring affects thousands + transforms you

'It was nothing short of transformational,' said Robert. 'If you stop caring ... thousands of lives are going to be affected,' said Elaine.
Check out their experience in our recent video.



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September 2015 Newsletter

116 youth inspired ... 150 staff in five corporate offices take action

Flashcards for Vanuatu

Only days after being in Vanuatu I took a call from Caroline at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong: ‘What could their staff do to help?’ I said that many schools and kindergartens have lost everything to Cyclone Pam. Now, as I write this, 9,000 flashcards are winging their way to Vanuatu kindergartens. In fact, the first couple of boxes have arrived – created by more than 150 staff across five offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and India. Such a simple gift … helping educate a new generation.  

Vanuatu damage a

Vanuatu flashcards a


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July 2015 Newsletter

Death brings hope

Abandoned at birth and severely malnourished, Kennedy, a wee five-month-old Ethopian girl, died on 1st April 2009. It broke her parent’s hearts; they had just adopted her. Now their grief has turned into support programmes for some of the 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Kennedy’s mum, Katie, who has a PhD in Developmental Psychology, took me to see one programme in Addis Ababa a few weeks ago. Women are now making lovely necklaces out of recycled paper, and selling them to raise capital, which they then use to start their own roadside stalls. It was inspiring to see the cycles of poverty being broken through a little help and support and lots of self-determination against enormous odds.

Kennedy's Mum, Katie, with Eric in Ethiopia Recycled paper necklace, breaking the cycle



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May 2015 Newsletter

How do you drink from a fire hose?

My head is now buzzing with the many projects in Africa and the Pacific that I have visited and that people like you can support – let us know your interests and we can tailor an opportunity for you.

Slum housesNairobi kids


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