April 2015 Newsletter

Hong Kong, Britain, Ethiopia

Many hours of planning by volunteers in Hong Kong is finally coming to fruition in Africa. After running three SimEx poverty simulations in Christchurch, 130 hearts were moved and the need to find opportunities for action became more acute.

Big BenLondon shop

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March 2015 Newsletter

Journey with us in Africa

There are people like you and me in Africa – wanting to make their lives count. I’m going to meet them – to offer the hope of support in their struggle. Requests are coming for in for networking, mentoring and seed funding - all things you and I can provide, get involved with and be inspired ourselves.

Microdam for irrigationOne person making a difference

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January 2015 Newsletter

Fresh perspectives, we're now on Facebook

Five years since it was founded, Global Equity Brokers is reaching a new phase of maturity, with many opportunities for people to be involved. Overall, our aim is to help people wanting to make the world a better place to better understand the issues of poverty and to link with partners in the developing world who welcome their input. Share your thoughts and ideas, connect with us and other like-minded people on our new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GlobalEquityBrokers?ref=bookmarks

 Joyful welcome to Indian slumDish washing in Indian slum and smiling

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