May 2015 Newsletter

How do you drink from a fire hose?

My head is now buzzing with the many projects in Africa and the Pacific that I have visited and that people like you can support – let us know your interests and we can tailor an opportunity for you.

Slum housesNairobi kids


Business women emerge from the ashes

The screams of young children being burned alive in slum huts in Nairobi jolted Lisa* into action. Mothers felt trapped - they locked their children in for safety as they went off to work each day, just to survive. I met some of these women, who Lisa now has running their own micro-businesses in the slum itself – and I am bringing home some of their products so you can join this success story, bringing life to more women and their children.



Young people creating a new destiny

At a conference in Rwanda I met trainers who are unleashing young people’s potential in Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. David* and his wife have fled Burundi temporarily – violence is an ever present threat – but they will return. Uganda is the youngest country in the world, more than half the population is under 15 years old. And their creativity is being sparked. Training and mentoring is helping young folk discover what resources they have, decide their mission in life, develop strategies and a business plan – then make it happen. You can be part of this story, too – just let me know what interests you.

Rwanda houses Entrepreneurs

Balancing the books and forging ahead

So many opportunities – now we’re working on a financially sustainable business model to be able to manage them all. If you know of someone with business development skills able to help, please let us know. Thanks to generous donations of food, accommodation and transport in many places, this trip has cost only $NZ141/day, including all airfares. After two months on the road, I fly home tomorrow, from Vanuatu. We still need $178 for food, $284 for local transport, $1357 for accommodation and $2682 for the airfare to Africa. Even just a few dollars will help us balance the books, join us to enable and empower others.

Eric on bike


Transforming lives just by caring

Thank you for your continued support and interest. It is exciting to have met so many inspiring people, to have found and be shaping opportunities for people everywhere to ‘be the difference they want to be in the world’, transforming lives of those born at a disadvantage, just by caring.

VanuatuCarrying container


Thank you for taking interest in the journey of Global Equity Brokers and SimEx. Please do let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions and give us an update on what's happening in your world!

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If you do want to support this work with a donation, even $10, $50 or $100 will make a difference, both emotionally and acting like a lever - helping us put more people like you with skills, expertise and resources in touch with some of the poorest and most dis-empowered people on the planet. Donations can be made to 'Global Equity Brokers' at any Westpac Bank or electronically into 03 1702 024 1671 000. For SimEx use 03 1702 0000 866 00. (If outside NZ use BSB/Swift code WPA CNZ 2W). If it's easier, you can post a cheque or donate using my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PayPal account. We will give you a NZ tax receipt for all donations over $5 to 'SimEx' so you can claim a donation rebate. You really can help 'Inspiring Action for Justice!