July 2016 Newsletter

Meaningful team building

Andrew had been trying for months to find a meaningful team-building event to get his team energized, more cohesive and able to work together in new ways. A few weeks ago, Global Equity Brokers delivered just such an event for Andrew's 40 Hong Kong lawyers and support staff, which 'met all his KPIs' while connecting them directly into need in Africa. Staff said it was: ‘fun’, ‘really meaningful’, ‘thought provoking’ and ‘a unique form of team building’. Eating ethnically themed lunch on the day also helped, by training refugees as budding chefs via our partner, the Hong Kong ‘Taste of Hope’ charity. 

Meaningful unique form of team buildingEthnically themed lunch


Power of relationships

Do you ever wonder what the root causes of poverty are? Delving into this recently, Global Equity Brokers found that poverty is complicated, but basically it’s about four broken relationships – with ourselves, with others, with our planet earth and with ‘the universe’. Join us, and use your influence to help us create relationships which make a better world for us all.

 Relationships in AfricaRelationships in African slum


Morgan Stanley staff help out

Morgan Stanley bank staff once again reached out to support cyclone affected kindergartens in Vanuatu this year. In their lunch hours they created educational resource material which would otherwise simply not be available in the small nation. Working with the Vanuatu Ministry of Education, these resources are being distributed to those who need them the most across the remote islands of Vanuatu. 

 Kindergarten kids in VanuatuFlashcards arrive in Vanuatu

Corporate events

Meeting corporate clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong in recent weeks, we’ve uncovered fresh interest in Global Equity Brokers events, including social issue simulations, role-play team-building events and facilitated brainstorming sessions connecting teams to live developing world issues. Catherine, a corporate client in Hong Kong, was buzzing as we met to discuss the steps she is taking to add ever-greater meaning to her life. The world is changed by each of us, taking one step at a time.

 We can all make a differenceFor a better world

Thank you for taking an interest in the journey of Global Equity Brokers and SimEx. Please do let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions and give us an update on what's happening in your world!

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If you do want to support this work with a donation, even $10, $50 or $100 will make a difference, both emotionally and acting like a lever - helping us put more people like you with skills, expertise and resources in touch with some of the poorest and most dis-empowered people on the planet. Donations can be made to 'Global Equity Brokers' at any Westpac Bank or electronically into 03 1702 024 1671 000. For SimEx use 03 1702 0000 866 00. (If outside NZ use BSB/Swift code WPA CNZ 2W). If it's easier, you can post a cheque or donate using my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PayPal account. We will give you a NZ tax receipt for all donations over $5 to 'SimEx' so you can claim a donation rebate. You really can help 'Inspiring Action for Justice!