April 2016 Newsletter

The power of relationships

Jo is a New Zealand teacher transforming the lives of children in a remote Indian village, high in the Himalayas – at the same altitude as Aotearoa’s highest mountain, Aorangi-Mt Cook. Generous Kiwis had donated 100 kg of high-value educational material to support the cause but, despite trying, Jo could not find an affordable way to get it to India. The breakthrough came when Global Equity Brokers Founder, Eric Park, was delivering a guest lecture to inspire University MBA students about their potential in life. Through our chain of good relationships, an offer of help was made, and these Indian children now have some of the best educational material in the world in their hands. 

Children in spitiEducational materials in the hands of the young


A game changer

African-based Dennis told us that making progress on property rights and corruption issues “will be a game changer” for Africa. A group of corporate lawyers in South-East Asia has picked up this challenge and will research these two issues globally, to support our work with Dennis. They were offered a team-building day at Disneyland, but were seeking something much more meaningful to engage staff. Global Equity Brokers Founder, Eric Park, will be in Hong Kong to launch the project in a few weeks. Your corporate group can help, too, rounding out the research with your areas of expertise. Information is power – help us put that into Dennis’s hands.

 Where are boundariesWho has property rights in a slum?


Education against all odds

Tariq risked his life daily to educate girls in Afghanistan during the Taliban. The Taliban were patrolling but he eluded them on his bicycle. Post-Taliban, Tariq worked on a number of USAID and United Nations humanitarian projects as well as with Doctors without Borders towards rehabilitation of Afghanistan. He was a lecturer at Herat University and has now gained his PhD in New Zealand. Tariq has an ambitious goal: 1 million books in the hands of Afghan girls and boys by 2020. He is now working on expanding a book he previously published as Rubies in the Dust. For every book sold in the West, two will be distributed in Afghanistan to students who undertake community service in their own neighborhood. Tariq is a refugee with a fire in his belly, a passion to help humanity and to release the human potential of girls and boys who are not given a chance. He seeks $NZ 3,750 for publishing, logo design and website support. Tariq himself is inspiring, and is based in Christchurch. Help us to help him reach his self-less goal. 

 Afghani girls seeking educationTariq with UN

Moving hearts

Jackie went off to school one morning without knowing the stretch it was for her Mum to put $5 in her bag for the Poverty Simulation her teacher had organized for the class. She didn’t even know what it was, just another school activity – and an unwelcome expense. But munching on mince and toast for dinner that night there was a different atmosphere in the room. “It was hard – poverty is terrible,” Jackie breathed. She ate slowly, thoughtfully. “Welcome to my world,” her Mum thought, but didn’t say, pleased to see that school had clearly done something for her daughter that day. Girls like Jackie will miss out on this deeply impacting experience, just because $5 is a step too far for many. It actually costs $28.50 per child to run our Poverty Simulations. You can gift this experience to a child here in New Zealand because it’s not right that any child is denied the opportunity to reach their full potential. Don’t let a trim flat white make this an activity just for the rich.

 Jackie pleading for compassionJackie experiencing slum life


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