December 2015 Newsletter

'We've got to do something!' - Microsoft staff

Rayleen, Doug, Mandy, Bremen and Sanjay did something inspiring. They started by saying, quite simply, ‘the world is not right – and we've got to do something about it’. With involvement from their friends, family and colleagues, that became a brand new computer laboratory for 42,000 village folk in remote Nepal. Sure, it helps that they work for Microsoft, but it was their willingness to ‘just do something’ that made it happen. And, as Sanjay said, ‘it’s actually for your own happiness … [it] was very fulfilling for me personally. See our video.

 Nepal computersMicrosoft staff




Help for flood victims in India

Gandimathi has emailed me requesting help for families in Tamil Nadu who have lost everything in the floods. Gandimathi and Jesu (pictured) are giving emergency rations to the worst-affected people. If you can help, each family will get a set of clothing (saree, blanket, chudidhar /towel , lungi) and a dry ration package (rice, thuvar dal, tamarind, oil, masala powder (chilly + coriander + turmeric), salt, soap, washing powder). The cost for one family is 1700 Indian rupees, which is about $NZ 39. We have arranged matching funding for the first $2,000 in donations, so every $50 you give becomes $200, enough for five families. Donation details are below, please put 'India floods' in reference box.  

 India staffIndia flood

Unlock the power of the poor

We ignore [the poor] at our peril’, says Hernando de Soto. Property rights we take for granted just don’t exist for the majority of people in the world. But 'we can ‘unlock the power of the poor’ and tackle some of the world’s biggest issues, including terrorism, at their root cause. Hernando de Soto explains how in this short video.

 BrickmakingHernando de Soto

Awesomely Unreasonable progress

We made some ‘Awesomely Unreasonable’ progress in the recent 5-day hyper-accelerator workshop, clarifying and testing our business plan. It was a transformational week. 

 Unreasonable 1Unreasonable 2

Heart-break unleashes generosity

It was intense,’ said James*; ‘traumatising thinking people live like this’ said Emma*. They and 120 fellow students, 12-14 years old, at a Christchurch high school found our Poverty Simulationstressful, heart-breaking, sobering and eye-opening.’ ‘It helped me sympathise … feel like you’re really there,’ said Helena*. Martha* was moved to action; she committed on the spot to make a donation from her hard-earned savings. Life for five families, victims of Tamil Nadu floods, will be radically different because of her generous response.  

Middleton 1Middleton 2 

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a peaceful, relaxing and love-filled Christmas and an inspiring start to a whole New Year!

Thank you for taking an interest in the journey of Global Equity Brokers and SimEx. Please do let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions and give us an update on what's happening in your world!

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If you do want to support this work with a donation, even $10, $50 or $100 will make a difference, both emotionally and acting like a lever - helping us put more people like you with skills, expertise and resources in touch with some of the poorest and most dis-empowered people on the planet. Donations can be made to 'Global Equity Brokers' at any Westpac Bank or electronically into 03 1702 024 1671 000. For SimEx use 03 1702 0000 866 00. (If outside NZ use BSB/Swift code WPA CNZ 2W). If it's easier, you can post a cheque or donate using my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PayPal account. We will give you a NZ tax receipt for all donations over $5 to 'SimEx' so you can claim a donation rebate. You really can help 'Inspiring Action for Justice!