September 2015 Newsletter

116 youth inspired ... 150 staff in five corporate offices take action

Flashcards for Vanuatu

Only days after being in Vanuatu I took a call from Caroline at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong: ‘What could their staff do to help?’ I said that many schools and kindergartens have lost everything to Cyclone Pam. Now, as I write this, 9,000 flashcards are winging their way to Vanuatu kindergartens. In fact, the first couple of boxes have arrived – created by more than 150 staff across five offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and India. Such a simple gift … helping educate a new generation.  

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Business development

Mike receives this newsletter, just like you do. I haven’t talked to him for a while, but he mentioned Global Equity Brokers in a conversation at work one day … and now we have someone helping develop business models. We also have two new clients, a transnational company and a local school. Sharing these stories is growing our impact.  

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Taking a stand on injustice

Injustice is present everywhere, and the recent International Film Festival in Christchurch has brought to life some stirring stories. From the Christchurch rebuild to the Pike River mine disaster on the West Coast, from drug cartels in Mexico to the censored voices of soldiers in the 1967 Israeli war, we have seen the tenacious human spirit, fighting against all odds for what is right and fair. Sometimes we succeed, often-times we do not – but the world is a better place for people like you and me taking a stand.  

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Inspiring 116 young people

‘It was hard – the poverty trap is terrible’ said John*. ‘It made me feel like I was really there’ said Tash*. A few days ago John, Tash and 116 other Christchurch high school students spent two hours feeling for themselves what life in a slum is like. It ‘opened my eyes’, ‘deepened understanding’ and ‘changes your thinking’ said others. Their teacher said it was ‘perfect timing and fit with the curriculum’, encouraging students to take action to right the wrongs of our world. You can see video clips of previous simulations and their impact on participants here: www.simex.org.nz.

Thank you for taking interest in the journey of Global Equity Brokers and SimEx. Please do let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions and give us an update on what's happening in your world!

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If you do want to support this work with a donation, even $10, $50 or $100 will make a difference, both emotionally and acting like a lever - helping us put more people like you with skills, expertise and resources in touch with some of the poorest and most dis-empowered people on the planet. Donations can be made to 'Global Equity Brokers' at any Westpac Bank or electronically into 03 1702 024 1671 000. For SimEx use 03 1702 0000 866 00. (If outside NZ use BSB/Swift code WPA CNZ 2W). If it's easier, you can post a cheque or donate using my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PayPal account. We will give you a NZ tax receipt for all donations over $5 to 'SimEx' so you can claim a donation rebate. You really can help 'Inspiring Action for Justice!