February 2017 Newsletter

Celebrating Success

Global Equity Brokers improves staff engagement by running team-building events which are meaningful, purpose-driven and support the organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach.

We've had some significant successes in the last seven years and our short, punchy new video shows the best of these. You can view it here and share it with others who might be interested in what we do.

Now I need your help to take the next steps.

Eric videoInt Commerce centre


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November 2016 Newsletter

Purpose-driven team building

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can make our world a better place by gifting your time and skills in a targeted way. Click here to see our new flyer. We create purpose-driven team building events which increase staff engagement and loyalty while impacting the world for good.



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July 2016 Newsletter

Meaningful team building

Andrew had been trying for months to find a meaningful team-building event to get his team energized, more cohesive and able to work together in new ways. A few weeks ago, Global Equity Brokers delivered just such an event for Andrew's 40 Hong Kong lawyers and support staff, which 'met all his KPIs' while connecting them directly into need in Africa. Staff said it was: ‘fun’, ‘really meaningful’, ‘thought provoking’ and ‘a unique form of team building’. Eating ethnically themed lunch on the day also helped, by training refugees as budding chefs via our partner, the Hong Kong ‘Taste of Hope’ charity. 

Meaningful unique form of team buildingEthnically themed lunch


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April 2016 Newsletter

The power of relationships

Jo is a New Zealand teacher transforming the lives of children in a remote Indian village, high in the Himalayas – at the same altitude as Aotearoa’s highest mountain, Aorangi-Mt Cook. Generous Kiwis had donated 100 kg of high-value educational material to support the cause but, despite trying, Jo could not find an affordable way to get it to India. The breakthrough came when Global Equity Brokers Founder, Eric Park, was delivering a guest lecture to inspire University MBA students about their potential in life. Through our chain of good relationships, an offer of help was made, and these Indian children now have some of the best educational material in the world in their hands. 

Children in spitiEducational materials in the hands of the young


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December 2015 Newsletter

'We've got to do something!' - Microsoft staff

Rayleen, Doug, Mandy, Bremen and Sanjay did something inspiring. They started by saying, quite simply, ‘the world is not right – and we've got to do something about it’. With involvement from their friends, family and colleagues, that became a brand new computer laboratory for 42,000 village folk in remote Nepal. Sure, it helps that they work for Microsoft, but it was their willingness to ‘just do something’ that made it happen. And, as Sanjay said, ‘it’s actually for your own happiness … [it] was very fulfilling for me personally. See our video.

 Nepal computersMicrosoft staff



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