Addis Ababa

  • Written by Eric Park

Addis Ababa1

Getting to work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! Lovely people and amazing opportunities to make a difference - I'm developing them into projects for people keen to donate and get involved.

Don't you love it when...

  • Written by Eric Park

Don’t you love it when … you overlook something simple, turn up with not a penny in your pocket but then … a good friend picks you up at the airport, another wires a cash donation from Hong Kong to a UK bank while you’re on the plane and yet another friend has a phone and public transport card sitting waiting for you when you knock at the door! In every detail I’m feeling very looked after from above!

Good meetings in Britain

  • Written by Eric Park

More good meetings in Britain this week with international aid agencies, and transnational companies. With perfect timing, three of the Microsoft staff who built a computer laboratory in Nepal just over a year ago were in Reading this week so I have now video interviewed each of them!

In Hong Kong

  • Written by Eric Park

It's been a great start to the trip already - a productive round of meetings in Hong Kong this week, including with teachers at Harrow International School. And more of you than ever before have been moved to make donations - thank you!

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We want to keep you up-to-date

  • Written by Administrator

Some exciting things are in the pipeline for 2015. This blog will keep you up-to-date. We hope you enjoy sharing the journey with us.

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