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There is a yearning inside many of us to make a difference, especially to help those who are less advantaged. But we often think we don't have anything to offer, or that the need is too big.

Global Equity Brokers founder, Eric Park, has long had a passion to make it possible. An engaging and inspiring relationship manager, he has worked in government, business and not-for profits. Eric, a Civil Engineer, has travelled the world creating opportunities for you to make a world of difference.

So now, the good news is that, simply by investing your time, expertise, knowledge and experience directly where they are most needed, you can help change the world, without even leaving home.

Global Equity Brokers can link you with a project in any one of a number of countries where your input will have an amazing impact. It could be something as simple as using spare time to make flash cards for schoolchildren of a remote village, like Morgan Stanley did for children in Nepal and Vanuatu. Or as big as trekking to a village to help install technology, like Microsoft staff did in Nepal. And in-between there’s the retired Environment Court Commissioner who simply sat at his desk in New Zealand and provided expert advice directly to a group of dispossessed fisher-folk in India.

Something that may seem little to us can make a big difference to others. It can change the lives of some of the poorest and most disempowered people.  Not only that, it will have an amazing impact on you.

“The joy you get out of doing this is very different from anything else you will ever achieve. The joy of giving is paramount, and once you experience it you want to do it more and more. So it's not only you're doing it for others, it's actually for your own happiness. ~ Sanjay, Microsoft, India